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A Brief Introduction to Heat Gun
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  • Are you familiar with the heat gun? Heat gun usually is called the hot air gun actually. There are various kinds of heat gun, spray gun and other guns both in domestic and international markets. Guns are different in their sizes, styles and materials actually. And the heat gun can be different in its temperatures actually. A HVLP spray gun is a device that can be used to emit a stream of hot air with the temperature of 100°C and 550°C.

    The construction of the heat gun actually is very simple. For example, there is a source of heat which is usually an electrically heated element. Well, sometimes it can be a gas flame actually. What's more, there is a mechanism to move the hot air such as an electric fan, unless gas pressure is sufficient. Generally speaking, a hair dryer is a simple form of heat bun, which has a lower temperature than the heat guns. There should be a nozzle to direct the air and a housing to contain the components and keep the safe use. Also, there is a need of the trigger to swith the HVLP spray gun on or off. If you want the gun to be used hands-free, there should be a built-in or external stand actually.

    As we have introduced in the first paragraph, there are various kinds of heat guns both at home and abroad. And they can be applied to various kinds of areas, like material science, chemistry, physics, and so on. There are different requirements on the temperatures when it comes to different kinds of heat gun. Also, the airflow is also various according to the heat guns.

    Heat guns can be used to strip paint, shrink heat shrink tubing, shrink film and so on. Remember it? We have introduced how to strip the old wallpaper by the heat gun, right? This is one of the proper application of HVLP spray gun actually. Well, it also can be used to dry the damp wood and bend and weld plastic, soften adhesives and thaw frozen pipes and so on. As you may know, the pipes, especially those have some water in, may be frozen when the temperature is below 0℃. However, we can't use the pipe conveniently whether it is used for industry areas or residential areas.

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