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Choose the Best Spray Gun for Your Work
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  • Painting work is used both in commercial and residential areas. There are also many people who are employed in the painting industry actually. Well, it is better for you to have a HVLP spray gun to help you work efficiently. Various kinds of brands is shown in both domestic and international markets, and what should you do is to find the best spray gun for differnt kinds of work actually. Generally speaking, different kinds of painting work call for different kinds of spray gun, like different sizes, styles and so on.

    Let's talk something about the different kinds of spray gun. For example, there are air paint spray gun, HVLP paint spray gun, compliant spray gun, airless sprayer and so on. Also, electrostatic spray gun is very popular among consumers both at home and abroad. Choosing which kind of spray gun depends on your practical use. HVLP paint spray gun is the best spray gun that widely used nowadays which uses low pressure and high volume to reduce the painting fog. And you can choose this kind of gun if you hate the fog that is released by the HVLP spray gun of high pressure. Frankly speaking, most industrial company uses this kind of gun for painting, especially the automotive and aerospace industry.

    There are also airless sprayers both in domestic and international areas. It is a high pressured device which is more superior than traditional roller brushers. Also, it is environmentally friendly and easy to use. There are many suppliers provide this kind of products for consumers. And you can choose to buy it or not according to your private requirements.

    Generally speaking, you should ensure that its quality can reach the corresponding quality standards. What's more, you are advised to choose the reputed manufacturers since they tend to provide products with high quality and high credibility and superior service. Well, Shanghai Mandarin Industry is one of the leading producer of HVLP spray gun in China and we have great reputation among consumers both at home and abroad. We try our best to adopt the latest manufacturing technology and advanced manage experience to provide the best service for you .

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Do you know what is a HVLP spray gun? The high volume low-pressure(HVLP) spray gun is named after its working features. It is connected to a turbine motor that drives a high volume of warm air under low pressure into the gun. This kind spray gun can be used for painting car,wall and other surfaces. If you have any need,you can log in our website: ,or dial our hotlion 0086 21 5505 9572.

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