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Simple Steps Tell You How to Mix Paint in HVLP Spray Gun
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  • HVLP spray gun is an essential tool that can be used to paint your car actually. Painting with the use of spray gun can be very easy, hut knowing how to mix the paint will be helpful to give a better painting effect. Otherwise, if not mixed well, the paint will not adhere to the surface of the car perfectly and there will be some paint that will be left in the gun which will be a waste. Well, here we will give you some simple steps on how to mix it correctly.

    First of all, ensure that the paint and reducer should be of the same brand. Generally speaking, it is not allowed to mix the paint and reducer from different manufacturers together since it may have a chemical reaction and cause imperfections in the paint. The paint that has been sprayed on your car may can't reach your expected effect. This is one of the important tip that should be remembered in your mind. Just like you choose the cosmetic and use it on your face. Generally, one should use the same brand to avoid some avoidable damages. The principles are the same. The cosmetic is to your face what the paint is to the surface of your car.

    Second, mix the material in a clean can. Measuring the amount of the paint by pouring it into a measuring cup actually. Ensure that the amount of the reducer is as the same as the paint. You can also measuring its amount with the same method that you measure the paint. Then mix the reducer together with the paint by pouring them together in a same can. In order to blend these two kinds of liquid together, you can use a stir stick actually. Stir it in about 2 minutes to make them mixed completely.

    Then you will need a funnel to transfer the mixture from the can to the HVLP spray gun. Well, what should be taken into your consideration is that you are required to wear a mask when painting your car. And it is better to mix it in a ventilated area. Good start is the half of success. So, in order to have a better painting effect of your car, you'd better know how to mix the paint and reducer together in a correct way.

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