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How to Strip Wallpaper With Heat Gun?
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  • Do you know the function of wallpaper? Generally, it is used to beautify your room to make it more elegant or comfortable. However, this kind of wallpaper will fade with the increasing time and age. It will become old, stained which looks very ugly. How to strip wallpaper quickly and effectively? Well, to strip wallpaper with HVLP spray gun should be one of your best choices.

    The operation can be very easy. And there are things that you will need when stripping it actually, like the instruction for how to use heat gun, goggles or eye masks, heavy leather work gloves, respirator and so on. These things are easy to be found actually. Also, you may need step tools or ladders if you should have to climb up to higher places to remove higher portions of wallpaper. You are advised to prepare respirator since you are advised to wear it when you using heat gun since it sill expose you to heavy fumes and you may injure yourself or start a fire very easily if you're not careful. Also, remeber to get away from the paint and varnish since the heat gun can damage the baseboards and other painted surfaces.

    Well, let's tell you how to strip wallpaper with HVLP spray gun now. First of all, you should read the instructions of your heat gun very carefully before you using it. Pay attention to what should be avoided. For example, you should have a clear awareness of how far away to hold it from your wall and how long to use it. This step is very important and you can't ignore it actually.

    Then, remember those tools that you are advised to prepare? Now, you should wear the goggles or eye masks, respirators and work gloves which can be used to protect you from injury since the temperatur of HVLP spray gun is very high. You will be damaged very easily without wearing such kinds of protective tools.

    Next, plug in your heat gun and turn it on. There should be an ideal distance between your heat gun and the wallpaper seams, so you should hold the gun at the recommended distance actually. Then scrape the wallpaper away from the wall with your putty knife. It is the best to start at a seam and pull vertical strips of wallpaper off the wall. You are advised to work in one direction to loosen the wallpaper. Last but not least, scrape away the wallpaper with the paint scraper which is made from metal. Finally, toss the removed paper into a trash can.

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