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Tips on How to Set Up HVLP Spray Gun
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  • There are various kinds of spray guns with high quality and competitive price in the markets for your selection. It can be widely used in painting work. Spray guns can harness the power of compressed air and perform arduous painting tasks quickly and effectively. If you need to use it regularly, it is better for you to learn how to set up the HVLP spray gun.

    There are some tools that you will need during the process of setting up. What will be required are the compressed air canister and air hose. As to its functions, we will give you some brief introduction in the following parts. Next, we will show you some simple steps to tell you how to set up it by yourself. Follow me to get more detailed information.

    First of all, what should you do is to connect the air hose of a compressed air canister to the base of the spray gun. This can be regarded as the basic step of the setting process. Next, there is a pressure regulator knob on top of the canister. You should to adjust the pressure at the pressure regulator knob. Set the pressure between four and five bars to start. The longer the hose you are using, the more pressure you will need actually. As you may know, HVLP stands for high volume and low pressure actually. So, compared with the conventional spray gun, it has a lower pressure.

    There should be a trigger on each of the HVLP spray gun. Now, you are required to compress the trigger on the spray gun and adjust the micrometer on the front. It will lead to different affects to the spray gun when you turning the micrometer to the left and the right as it leaves the HVLP spray gun. Keep a scrap of wood or paper nearby to test the sprayer on when adjusting it. Always squeeze the trigger when adjusting the air pressure.

    Well, before you apply the gun that you set up into use, it is necessary for you to test whether you've achieved the desired spray. You can adjust the micrometer to get your expected spray, larger or smaller actually. If you find that the spray appears wear or insufficient, you can raise the pressure by one bar for every 10m of air hose.

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